Antarang - The TES Fest


The most awaited event at Textile Department, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi. First Antarang was held in 1998 and it has become better and better over the years with the fun increasing every year . Filled with Cultural and sports activities every year we have interaction of students and a chance for them to show their cultural and sports skills in a friendly yet competitive environment. We also have student-faculty and student-alumni interaction, there's nothing like listening to their experience during their stay at the IIT and their advices on career oppurtunities is very helpful. All this and more, although words do not suffice to describe it (one can feel it only when one is there).

The main events of Antarang are following:

The Bonfire: As the chilling winter of January starts bugging 'The Bonfire' comes to the rescue. Fun filled cultural events, hot coffee and sweets, cool jokes: all around a Bonfire make it a memorable night for everyone. Most happening get together in Antarang, it attracts all students, faculty members and Alumni. No one wants to miss it. And of course an evergreen enjoyment--Antakshri follows. As the party warms up, the best music begins to play and we have students dancing to the latest dance numbers.

Cultural Program: Every year first year students are given a chance to showcase their talent. This is the most sought after event for students as they perform on stage in front of the professors, alumni and their fellow classmates. It is also a good reliever after a gruesome yet informative Panel Discussion.

Inter year Sports & Cultural Events: Various inter year sports and cultural events comprising of chess, pool, badminton, carrom, squash, Table Tennis, Ex-tempore, dumb Charades, and Music Events. The best year wins tickets to the hottest movie around and a trophy as well.

Tennis Ball Cricket: Cricket in India brings all together, cutting across generation gaps. Same is here. Students, faculty members and alumni have a chance to show their cricketing skill and enjoy themselves. Friendly teams play a 'short one day' and enjoying the Morning Sun as well. Don’t want to play.... then enjoy the commentary by students who surely going to make you laugh with their witty and humorous remarks. This is followed by Lunch-Enjoy the good food after good cricket.

Pride of the Department Reward: "Our Attitude decides our Altitudes" True for all IITians.Our Alumni have reached great heights and to give them recognition and honor them we have The Pride of the Department Award for an Alumni who has excelled and feel the department proud. An Experienced Panel of Faculty members chooses “Pride of the department”. Of course then he is there for sharing his experiences with all students and Faculty members.