Textile Engineering Society - TES

About TES

The textile engineering society is a forum where the fraternity of the textile department interact outside the framework of the curriculum. Our motto is WEAVING THE PEOPLE TOGETHER. We at TES believe that the entire textile department fraternity comprising scholars-B.Tech, M.Tech, Ph.D, professors and our far flung alumni. Behind our motto,we organise various events which provide platforms to our members to express their varied creativities. By such activity we hope to create opportunities for members of our family to interact in a relaxed, informed & creative atmosphere, and thus bond better with each other,and ultimately to create an ever more closely knit fraternity.

With this web site, TES takes a big step towards reaching out and embracing more members of our fraternity, in all the far reaches of the world,and also in keeping in closer contact with them. Watch out for regular updates on our sites regarding the latest goings on in theTextile Dept of IIT Delhi. Organisation.

The TES comprises of all the alumni, faculty members and students of the department. At its core is the organising committee which plans and helps in organising the various acvities. At the helm of the core is the Head of the Department. The next level we have the faculty members who coordinate the events.The body is essentially structured into various cells each coordinated by a student.

The teams of various cells are :

  • Cultural cell
  • Sports cell
  • Trips & Seminar
  • Cyber Tex
  • Alumni cell
  • Editorial Cell
  • Bhavana Soni cell

All these cells work together various activities. Major activities are:

1. Freshers Welcome : In keeping with tradition, TES organized fresher’s welcome to give the 1st year students a feel of their department, and to welcome them into the textile fraternity of IIT Delhi. Also, in keeping with tradition, the evening turned out to be thoroughly enjoyable. An entertaining cultural performance was put up by motley of students from all corners of India. Performances included a Bengali song, a poem on terrorism experienced in the north east, one on the gathering of clouds on coromondel coast. There was monoacting, mimicry, group and individual songs, humour - you name it!

Then there was the guiding speech by Prof. Kushal Sen that had every one of us motivated. Prof. Ishtiaque , and Prof. Deopura too took time to share some words with us. At the end we all left happily for our hostels, with a better perspective of both the department and the juniors set to join it the coming year.

At the end, the gathering was satisfied with the interaction they had just had. Especially, for the students the evening opened up new avenues. Pride in the department had a new meaning for everyone now.

3. Training and Placement Interaction:The setting was ambient and the listeners eager. The get together was gelling into a treat for the information craved 2nd year students. They had dreams, and their seniors were telling them how to translate them. The occasion was, of course, the innovatively thought up T&P Interaction organised by TES.

Seniors give a brief overview on resume writing, internships, application process, lifestyle of an intern, and the conditions abroad. They also chipped in with names of websites, companies, and references that would be helpful to their juniors.

4. Farewell (B.tech and M.Tech): Whenever the time to bid adieu comes the society gets together to organise farewell functions.

5. Publications: A regular newsletter is regularly printed which comments on various events and gives the members a communication channel to reach out.

6. Tours and Seminars: Fun cum Education in one package is the central philosophy behind this cell which organises all kind of trips and seminars.

7. Antarang: The most awaited event in which the Department invites its alumni TES firmly believes that the Alumni are the most important members of the fraternity and a lot can be learned from them.So to materialise this philosophy we set aside a day every year for a get together with our alumni. The events range from Panel discussion,Fun games and of course delicious food.Thus a informal kind of atmosphere is created in which the alumni freely interact with the students and the faculty.